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We can present you a nature, beauty of Japan.


Since a long time ago, Japanese maple is a symbolic botany in Japan. 

The beautiful shape, figure, red color have been loving and singing in Japanese poem from way back.

And Japanese can feel the each beauty when see Japanese maple through four seasons.


We, Maple Laboratory Inc. are making progress through innovation included the taste, ingredients research, process method, and application for nutraceutical foods by using maple tree as product materials for you from own maple farm.

To create new products with color, figure and healthy material from Japanese maple, we can present you a Japanese nature and beauty.    


Before, people have eaten some maple products. For example maple syrup made from sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and red maple (A. rubrum) sap. And in Japan, tea from Nikko maple (A. nikoense) leaves and so on.

 And Japanese maple also has eaten as tempura or extract. Also in China, it used as Kanpo folk medicine for inflammation or analgesic therapy.


Now some academic research showed beneficial reports about  maples.

Maples are  notable plant now and future.



Japanese maple soda sparkling cider
momiji tea Japanese maple

Dried edible Japanese maple leaf
Japanese maple extract

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    Name: Maple laboratory Inc.


 Address: 787-1 Tsuzuhara, Tajimi-city, Gifu pref. 507-0046 Japan


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Presitdent: Atsushi Honma, Ph., D.


 Mail: honma(a)momijikaedelab.jp

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URL: https://www.momijikaedelab.jp

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