Japanese maple tea

World- first tea made from Japanese maple leaf!


Momiji-tea (もみじ茶)

Japanese maple tea, Momiji-cha

World-fist tea made from Japanese maple in Tajimi, Japan!

 Japanese maple is an  aesthetic symbol of Japan.

 Rich polyphenols (15%), lutein and beta-carotene are contained.

 So sweet and natural taste, low caffeine (29 mg/100 g). Healthy!

With sour material (lemon, vinegar..) can change tea color from blown to pink-red! 

Processed by traditional Japanese green tea.  Suitable for tea time!


Japanese maple is found in the research of health food.

How to make and drink Japanese maple tea.

1. Put in one tea bag the cup.

2. Pour 200 mL(cc)of hot water in it.

3. Wait 120 seconds to extract the tea.



 ( with straight, milk , lemon, maple syrup, sugar, or honey)  is recomendable.

 As lemon, orange, vinegar, with sour material

 can change your  tea’s color to pink -red.



Also ice tea is recommendable!

maple tea

Japanese maple tea made by traditional method of green tea with hand-picked Japanese maple leaves only. Please enjoy so nice taste and good color with Japan spirit!